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The FFMA Employee Support and Wellbeing Service 2020

What is an Employee Support and Wellbeing Service?

An Employee Support Service is a way of ensuring that staff members can access advice and support when
they need it most. The employee support service that we have adopted in 2020 offers employees a
listening ear and a practical, down to earth source of support for any issue that is affecting mental
wellbeing and as a result, performance at work. Professional Help offers information, advice, support and
counselling for any type of issue, and can also help staff members to think through and solve personal and
work-based problems and resolve conflicts.

The employee support service also offers managers the opportunity to seek advice and support about any
issue that they feel is affecting the wellbeing of themselves or their staff members or volunteers.
Professional help also offer fast-access support in the event of a crisis or a major incident.
Why do we offer an Employee and Wellbeing Support Service?
Providing staff members with access to an employee support service is a small investment with a big
return. Many employers find that encouraging staff to access an employee support service helps to resolve
issues early, keeping staff members present at work and able to carry out their role effectively even when
they are facing personal or professional difficulties.
An employee support service is also a way of helping to make sure that everyone understands that we are
concerned for each other’s wellbeing and that we are a responsible employer who values our staff team –
which also results in more engaged, resilient, and productive employees and happier teams throughout
our organisation.

Why did we choose Professional Help to deliver our Employee Support and Wellbeing Service?
We wanted an employee support service that was easy to access and offered a personal, practical service
and also specialist knowledge of the challenges facing the funeral sector. Professional Help comprises a
small but experienced team, who have been providing successful and well-used staff care schemes for
several years. While Professional Help pride themselves on being highly professional, they also have a very
human approach and treat each organisation and staff member that they work with as an individual –
there are no large call centres and they will work with us to get to know our values and what is important
to our employees. Everyone who works at Professional Help is qualified, supervised and competent; but
are also down to earth, friendly and compassionate in their way of working.
Professional Help team members have many years’ experience in supporting staff members and delivering
counselling and support services. They have particular expertise in supporting the funeral sector and
membership organisations. They are experts in emotional wellbeing, bereavement, substance abuse,
conflict and change management and can ensure that whatever issue is affecting our employees, and will
be caring, non-judgemental and practical in helping to find a solution to any issue.
The FFMA Employee Support and Wellbeing Service is completely confidential, can be accessed via a
telephone or email and is available up from 9am-9pm, Monday to Friday. At all other times there is an
answerphone where members are invited to leave a message and one of the Professional Help team will
call you back as soon as possible. The FFMA Employee Support and Wellbeing Service is available to all
employees, owners and managers of FFMA full-member businesses over the age of 18.

To contact the Employee Support and Wellbeing Service please call 01524 889825 or email:
[email protected]