Expressive, memorable coffins for today's funeral professionals. LifeArt coffins deliver premium services that start conversations. Our patented En√iroboard™ coffin technology delivers proven strength and reliability with low emissions.


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LifeArt Printed Coffin by LifeArt Coffins Ltd

Product Description:

The unparalleled strength, low emissions and full transportability of our patented coffin technology gives you the confidence to create memorable funeral services for your clients.

Unique Product Features:

Patented enviroboard technology delivers exceptional strength and full coffin functionality. Brilliant timber finishes, evocative designs or the personal touch of your own design. All with low emissions. Our coffins are available with the choice of wooden or plastic handles.

Recommended Carrying Capacity:


Status: approved

This product has passed the FFMA Test Protocol.

Approval Code: 1073-000125