Traditional Shape Somerset Willow Coffin

Product Description:

Traditional shape Somerset Willow Coffin. Manufactured and finished in Great Britain using natural willow with incorporated woven willow handles. Available in a variety of colour combinations and natural finishes.

Unique Product Features:

The coffin has a plaited willow edge bordering the outside of the coffin lid and contains six willow handles. The coffin is fitted with a solid ply base and an natural unbleached calico liner and the lid is securely fixed into place using screws. There is the option to customise the coffin with a varying selection of natural band colours, top and bottom, as well as matching coloured handles. The coffin has been tested to lift up to 190kg using four of the six handles. All materials are natural and biodegradable.

Recommended Carrying Capacity:


Status: approved

This product has passed the FFMA Test Protocol.

Approval Code: 273-000015

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Wall Thickness:

Head - 20mm

Foot - 20mm

Sides - 20mm

Base - 30mm

Lid - 25mm

Product Size for Testing:

Width - 507mm

Length - 1830mm

Depth - 345mm

Maximum Size in Your Range:

Width - 610mm

Length - 1980mm

Depth - 345mm

Tests Required:

Test 0 - Yes

Test 1 - Coffin Strength - No

Test 2a - Roller bed “slip” functionality test - No

Test 2b - Ball bearing bed “slip” functionality test - No

Test 3 - Auto charger Test - No

Test 4 - Mechanical insertion (TABO) - No

Test 5 - Ignition / Radiant Heat Test - No

Test 6/8 - Ash test & Residue Test - No

Test 7 Type A - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type B - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type C - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type D - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type E - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type F - Handle Test - No

Test 9 - Coffin Lining Test - No