Rattan Coffin

Product Description:

Hand woven Rattan coffin in a teardrop shape. Manufactured in Indonesia with a ply board base, rope handles with no metallic parts.

Unique Product Features:

The lid has a plaited rattan edge detail and is securely fastened by toggles.

Our coffins have been successfully tested for weight bearing, using the natural rope handles, up to 150kg.

With a solid plywood base and an internal frame made from cane, these coffins are produced from ethically sourced rattan, making them equally suitable for burial or cremation.
All our coffins have natural, unbleached calico linings and all fastenings are of natural materials – making them 100% biodegradable.

Recommended Carrying Capacity:


Status: approved

This product has passed the FFMA Test Protocol.

Approval Code: 272-003193

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Wall Thickness:

Head -

Foot -

Sides -

Base -

Lid -

Product Size for Testing:

Width -

Length -

Depth -

Maximum Size in Your Range:

Width -

Length -

Depth -

Tests Required:

Test 0 - Yes

Test 1 - Coffin Strength - Yes

Test 2a - Roller bed “slip” functionality test - Yes

Test 2b - Ball bearing bed “slip” functionality test - Yes

Test 3 - Auto charger Test - Yes

Test 4 - Mechanical insertion (TABO) - Yes

Test 5 - Ignition / Radiant Heat Test - Yes

Test 6/8 - Ash test & Residue Test - Yes

Test 7 Type A - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type B - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type C - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type D - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type E - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type F - Handle Test - No

Test 9 - Coffin Lining Test - Yes