English Made Coffin

Product Description:

The Oval coffin has a more modern minimalist shape for coffin design, with its organic
elliptical shape and delicate detailing. This charming fiddleback maple or walnut is lacquered in a water- based soft sheen finish, bringing out the delicate pearlescent colour and depth
of the maple. Gold edge detailing is applied to the base and top.

Unique Product Features:

English Made Coffins are handcrafted with care and thought, providing a beautiful resting place for loved
ones. Each coffin comes with a book and one keepsake butterfly. The book inscription gives the family
and friends an opportunity to personalise the coffin, whether it is a message, lyrics or a reading.

Recommended Carrying Capacity:


Status: approved

This product has passed the FFMA Test Protocol.

Approval Code: 267-002683

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Wall Thickness:

Head -

Foot -

Sides -

Base -

Lid -

Product Size for Testing:

Width -

Length -

Depth -

Maximum Size in Your Range:

Width -

Length -

Depth -

Tests Required:

Test 0 - Yes

Test 1 - Coffin Strength - Yes

Test 2a - Roller bed “slip” functionality test - Yes

Test 2b - Ball bearing bed “slip” functionality test - Yes

Test 3 - Auto charger Test - Yes

Test 4 - Mechanical insertion (TABO) - Yes

Test 5 - Ignition / Radiant Heat Test - Yes

Test 6/8 - Ash test & Residue Test - Yes

Test 7 Type A - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type B - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type C - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type D - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type E - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type F - Handle Test - No

Test 9 - Coffin Lining Test - Yes