Direct To Cremation

Product Description:

Our most sustainable, pack-flat design, made specifically for direct to cremation.

Creating a 100% sustainable offering made from solely cardboard, these have been designed specifically for direct cremations. Being assembled in just a matter of minutes with no adhesives required, this offering can be delivered flat and in bulk to reduce storage space as well as its carbon footprint.

Produced as a more affordable option, the direct to cremation offering does not compromise on quality, using double-walled cardboard on an unprinted manilla brown corrugated surface. Designed with ease, as the lid firmly secures to the base with catches without the need for screws as well as a single rope handle supplied, which can be attached to aid movement and loading.

Unique Product Features:

- Delivered flat-packed and in bulk to reduce storage and its carbon footprint
- Assembly in minutes with no need for tools or adhesives
- A sustainable and affordable choice for environmentally-conscious families
- An 100% sustainable offering
- FSC-certified, premium, double-wall cardboard
- Available in any standard length, width, and depth
- Strong and secure - tested to more than 120kg

Recommended Carrying Capacity:


Status: approved

This product has passed the FFMA Test Protocol.

Approval Code: 110-002942

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Wall Thickness:

Head -

Foot -

Sides -

Base -

Lid -

Product Size for Testing:

Width -

Length -

Depth -

Maximum Size in Your Range:

Width -

Length -

Depth -

Tests Required:

Test 0 - Yes

Test 1 - Coffin Strength - Yes

Test 2a - Roller bed “slip” functionality test - Yes

Test 2b - Ball bearing bed “slip” functionality test - Yes

Test 3 - Auto charger Test - Yes

Test 4 - Mechanical insertion (TABO) - Yes

Test 5 - Ignition / Radiant Heat Test - Yes

Test 6/8 - Ash test & Residue Test - Yes

Test 7 Type A - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type B - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type C - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type D - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type E - Handle Test - No

Test 7 Type F - Handle Test - No

Test 9 - Coffin Lining Test - Yes