Legacy Tribute UK provide Genuine North American made Solid Hardwood and Metal Caskets, designed exclusively for the unique and changing preferences of UK Funeral Directors and the Client Families they serve.


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the DEVON Casket by Legacy Tribute UK

Product Description:

Made of solid poplar
Water based rustic brown satin finish
100 % cotton interior
Natural ripe wood bedding.

Unique Product Features:

Each Casket from the New Leaf Collection is certified by the Green Burial Council, thus ensuring that its management and manufacturing processes are ecologically sound.
Significantly reduce the quantity of materials needed.
Cut down on waste and save energy.
Use more natural and fair-trade materials.
Reduce - and even eliminate - the use of metal components.
Use finishes that are formulated from a water-based product.

Recommended Carrying Capacity:

250 lbs

Status: approved

This product has passed the FFMA Test Protocol.

Approval Code: 077-002456