Bellyflop is a Burnley based marketing and corporate video production company. Our mission is to create video marketing content that is Affordable, Achievable and Accessible to all businesses regardless of their size and regardless of how big or small their marketing budget is. Since 2008 we have made over 6,000 videos for customers requiring professional video production services. Projects range from business profile films through to product or service explainer films plus event and conferene highlight films. In addition to video we provide Marketing consultancy and support, photography services including Google 360° tours or Street View ‘See Inside’ Tours. We also manage a wide range of social media accounts for a variety of clients. We all know the funeral sector is currently experiencing a time of change, with the CMA rulings effective from October 2021 and FCA regulation being effective from July 2022 covering the sale of funeral plans. The changes have meant that the funeral sector is being forced to adapt and change as marketing and promotional activities that the sector may have used previously may not be as effective or may not even be permitted under the new regulations. We understand that many funeral professionals do not want to sell their services. It seems crass and insensitive. We know there is a duty of care not to burden families with unnecessary expenses. At Bellyflop, we understand the challenges independent businesses offering personal services face in attracting new customers. We support our clients to develop a simple but effective marketing strategy that delivers results.


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