Koffin: Good for the planet and good for your soul. The coffin redesigned for the 21st century. Made from a purpose designed biopolymer - 100% natural and Biodegradable, producing no more CO2 than natural wood when burnt or buried. Koffins are fully customisable, and we mean fully customisable… decorate it, print on it, attach something 3D to it. There are no limits. Free of glues, metals and toxins. A personal, eco-friendly and fair way to say goodbye.


63 Blundell Street, Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, County, L1 0AJ.

Tel: 07894 532 596

Product Description:

1. An elipse shaped eco-friendly capsule made from a purpose-designed bioplastic using lignin and plant cellulose. 100% natural and biodegradable.

Unique Product Features:

Made from a unique purpose designed, 100% natural material that biodegrades like natural wood with no more CO2 content than living plants when burnt or buried.
It is not a box or a basket, Its a capsule made from bio-material and is as strong as plastic.
KOFFINS have been designed for maximum beauty, environmental sustainability, strength, practicality and to empower people by making customised coffins affordable.
Our coffins comply with all regulations and sizes for burial or cremation and fit into standard furnaces and Hearses.
They come in two parts: base and lid. The base and lids fastened together using 12 turn screws that can be turned with a coin. These are made from the same material as the coffin so there’s are no glues, no metal or non-gradable screws.
KOFFINS are stackable: base-in-base and lid-in-lid, minimizing space required for storage and transport.
The oval shape inherently makes them 10% wider than standard coffins so they’re suitable for different sizes of people.
KOFFINS can be carried by coffin bearers in a similar way to standard coffins. The standard adult Koffin weights only 13kg.

Recommended Carrying Capacity:

16st (subject to FFMA testing)

Status: submitted

This product has been submitted for approval to the FFMA.