Creative Coffins Ltd.

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Rouge Rue
St Peter Port
Channel Islands

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Creative Coffins provide stunning, originally designed picture coffins for a truly distinctive funeral. We offer a large range of professionally designed and carefully crafted picture coffins and ashes caskets that we believe are the best and most be

Cardboard Coffin

Product Description:

Our cardboard coffins combine beautiful designs, contemporary styling and an incredibly strong structure, with impressive green credentials, to provide for a send-off that is personal, dignified and environmentally friendly. Our coffins are suitable for cremation, burial or green burial and come with the option of load bearing handles.

Unique Product Features:

Using cutting-edge engineering and printing techniques enables us to produce a cardboard coffin that has no visible folds, a traditional style rounded lid and a beautiful matt finish.

Recommended Carrying Capacity:
25 stone (163 kgs)


This product is currently being tested by the FFMA