Respect Funeral Services

Company ID: 4

The Estate Office Morton Hall
Front Street, Morton
DN21 3AA

Tel: +441427612992

Shrouds for Cremations from Respect are fully tested and used every week in Crematoriums throughout Europe and the UK made from Natural Bamboo, woven in the UK

A Shroud for Cremation from Respect Coffin-Less-Shrouds

Product Description:

Respect EveryBody Coffin-Less-Shrouds are fully tested for Cremations and offer a safe Unique simple easy to use charging system

Unique Product Features:

Cremations of Respect Coffin-Less-Shrouds have been on going for the last few years without any issues

Recommended Carrying Capacity:
Tested to 24 stone but out of Respect for the deceased and mourners we only recommended up to 15 stone


Approval Code: 282-000004