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During the 2 year process of compiling data to help write the FFMA Coffin & Casket Testing Protocol and working with our trade associates, the working group found lots of useful guidance information/advice which could not be included in the Testing Protocol but helped steer some of our recommendations to help keep in-line with common practices within the industry.

The FFMA invite all trade Associate to include their recommendations, please contact the FFMA with details.

Meeting Transcript

Transcript of FFMA Meeting @ Intertek Leicester, 2nd June 2016


FFMA Guidance

Ash Recommendation & Guidance

Following a comprehensive review and testing of many types of coffin, this advice and guidance is offered to Funeral Operatives who have responsibility for the care of cremated ash.


Defra Statutory Guidance for Crematoria

Process Guidance Note 5/1 (12)


Were to place the trestles

Using the largest size available in the model range, a strength test will be carried out by placing the coffin on a set of standard coffin trestles – the first being placed under the shoulder area and the second the same corresponding distance from the foot end.


Auto Charger Pusher head Size

A recommended solution; Facultatieve Technologies demonstrated a simple method to help reduce the force a coffin is put under while being mechanically charged::

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FBCA Guidance

None currently available.

ICCM Guidance

None currently available.

APCC Guidance

None currently available.

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